ISAPZURICH offers training in Analytical Psychology, to be applied in the context of psychotherapy. Jungian Psychotherapy is among the most widely used forms of psychotherapy in Switzerland.

My Services as a Training – Supervising Analyst

Training Analysis
Training analysis is the main emphasis of psychoanalytic training according to C.G. Jung. As a student you can perform your training analysis with me.

Part two of your training focuses on practical work with the analysand. As a diploma candidate you can have your work with analysands supervised by me.

Expressive Therapy
Sandplay according to D. Kalff is a supplement to and an extension of psychoanalysis: In the sandbox, analysands can shape the sand and use a variety of symbolic figures (toys) to build a world that lends expression to their state of mind. Sandplay therapy sessions can be attended by students as well as everybody else interested.