What is the meaning of psychotherapy?


The issue of meaning plays a central role in overcoming mental illness. Meaning and lack of meaning are both a part of life. A clear distinction must be made between meaning and lack of meaning, and the latter must be addressed.

What are we, as human beings, searching for when we look for meaning? Etymologically, the word “meaning” is associated with “striving, desire and travel” as well as “feeling and perception”. Consequently, meaning has to do with dynamics and movement.

The starting point for any reflection and any experience involving meaning is our senses. Our body is the means whereby we experience meaning. Meaning expresses our direct state and perception of reality.
The question of meaning is therefore not a theoretical question, but one that is raised time and again based on the given circumstances in which a human being finds itself.

If emotional distress or a difficult situation affects us, we are faced with a completely new sense of meaning, in a more holistic and existential way.
Our self-healing forces are stimulated by understanding and categorising difficult situations. This allows us to overcome a difficult situation better. In this way, we are able to escape a chaotic state and experience meaning and personal development.

Apart from understanding and overcoming a difficult situation, a responsible readjustment to life is an important part of the process. This involves being careful in dealing with our own body and our relationships with other people.
I see the role of the psychotherapist as being that of a caring monitor of this holistic process. To this end, I use therapeutic interviews and work with dreams.

A trusting and benevolent atmosphere is the basis of my work, where humour should also have its place.